How to Withdraw Casino Bonuses


We have already mentioned that online casinos offer two main types of bonuses – no-deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses. To receive a no-deposit bonus, you don’t need to make a deposit to your casino account. This is a very rare type of bonuses granted by few online casinos.

At the same time, deposit bonuses are granted only after you credited your account with a certain amount of money. A deposit bonus is much more generous than a no-deposit bonus.

How to cash a bonus

To cash bonuses granted by an online casino, player must meet wagering requirements, i.e. spend a certain amount of money on bets. If a wager is 10х(B+D), player must spend on bets the amount that exceeds (B+D) ten-fold.

When meeting minimum wagering requirements, a casino can impose certain limitations on your playing (a ban on certain games, mostly). This is why you should read terms and conditions carefully, if you play at a casino for the first time.

How to Withdraw Casino Bonuses

To meet wagering requirements with minimum losses, you should choose blackjack, video poker, or Pay-go poker. These games have the lowest house edge, and you won’t suffer big losses.

There are two ways of meeting wagering requirements – progression and Flat Bet. If you choose Flat Bet strategy, get ready for a monotonous and long playing process with equal bets, until wagering requirements are met. While Flat Bet strategy implies minimum risk, do not expect large winnings.

Progression strategy implies using different betting strategies. With this strategy, you can fulfill a wager much faster and stand a chance of hitting large winnings even if your initial bet is small. Remember, though, that your risk of going bust is as big as your winning chances.

How to use a bonus on first deposit?

You should not withdraw your bonuses at once: active gamblers are further encouraged by a casino. If wagering requirements do not include blackjack, choose any other game with the minimum house edge and start fulfilling your wager.

If you are happy with a casino you chose, play for your own money. It won’t be long till you get new bonuses!

Take part in all tournaments and lotteries: they can be a source of pretty good winnings.

How to use monthly bonuses?

Monthly bonuses are usually smaller than bonuses on first deposit. Do not start fulfilling a wager, until you accumulate 2-3 monthly bonuses on your account. Thus you will minimize possibility of losses and increase the total sum of your bonuses.