User Software at Online Casinos


Modern online casinos do their best to satisfy their clients’ needs and make their visit to an online casino as positive as possible. They have user-friendly and intuitive interface which you can navigate without special skills or knowledge. In fact, some players have never used any computer software during their gambling “career.”

Some online casinos are available in flash mode only, with no downloadable versions. Games played in a flash mode are not inferior to downloadable games either in graphics, or in a range of functions.

Nevertheless, many casinos recommend players to use user software. It’s up to you to decide whether to use user software or play right on the casino website.

User Software at Online Casinos

Most casinos offer their clients user software only. All the remaining software developed for online gamblers is manufactured by other companies, e.g. trainings software and software that helps achieve success in online gambling.

Roulette software

The only useful function performed by most of roulette software is to keep statistics. Roulette is one of those gambling games, where you cannot possibly change the house edge. You shouldn’t believe manufacturers saying that their software will help you beat the casino at roulette. By using this software, you can test out different systems of bets. But they are useless in real life, though.

Blackjack software

Blackjack software is much more useful. It can calculate the house edge based on all blackjack rules, help make a table for the basic strategy, allow to practice your skills, simulate a large number of deals to work with statistics, etc. The main thing is to avoid fakes and buy high-quality software..

Video poker software

Video poker software has all the advantages mentioned in the above paragraph. A video poker software is a must for those who want to master this game with as little effort as possible.

Video poker. We won’t go into detail about functions of software for Hold’em, Omaha, and other poker variations. Some software helps achieve better results in poker, but such models are not particularly popular among players.

General software for casino games

Some websites sell (or sometimes even distribute for free) software designed to analyze random number generators and predict its results. We were not impressed by any of those models, though. In our opinion, they are useless. Stay alert and be wary of distributors of such software.