The Unluckiest Casino Player


It is not so easy to find out who is considered to be the unluckiest player in the gambling history: many unlucky players go bankrupt long before they reach their lowest point. This is why in order to find out who is the unluckiest gambler, we need to consider the richest casino lovers that can afford to lose large amount of money.

Fuad al-Zayat - contender for the title of the unluckiest casino player

Fuad al-Zayat from Syria is the most probable contender for the title of the unluckiest casino player. In March of 2000, he decided to try out his luck in Aspinalls – the private gambling club in London. Blackjack being one of al-Zayat’s favorite casino games, he chose that game. He made a £500,000 bet and lost it all at once. That failure did not disencourage him, though. Fuad al-Zayat bet another £500,000 and lost it as well. After losing a million pounds, most players would realize that today is not their day and leave the table. Al-Zayat was not one of them. He decided to persist and bet another million pounds. Another upsetting loss. Finally, the unlucky gambler understood that playing blackjack was not the best idea. After his unlucky streak, he owed the casino around 2,250,000 pounds.

That was not the largest sum of money lost by al-Zayat. His unlucky streak continued. Within seven years from his first unlucky casino visit in March, he lost almost 13 million pounds. All in all, Fuad al-Zayat lost in Aspinalls gambling club more than 23 million pounds.

No luck in gambling - luck in life

Although Fuad al-Zayat can be titled as the unluckiest player in the casino history, lack of luck in gambling did not spread to other spheres of life. He managed to earn enough to pay off his casino debts (not always willingly, though). He is known for successful and profitable investments into oil, aviation, and construction industries.