Swindlers and Online Casinos


It’s no surprise that casinos always have an advantage over players. Nevertheless, people are still allured into the magical world of casinos. Some players prepare for playing with ardent diligence and passion, and winning by any cost becomes the main – and sometimes the only – goal of their lives.

Mathematical method

The first swindler method we are going to discuss is a mathematical one. By using his knowledge in mathematics and unique memory, Edward Thorp developed a useful system of card counting in blackjack. He calculated the possibilities of winning, depending on the number of cards in a shoe. The fewer cards is left in a shoe, the bigger is the player’s advantage. Thorp taught Claude Shannon to use his unique system, and the two swindlers did quite a lot of damage to the Las Vegas casinos. Moreover, Edward Thorp published a book on his card counting system under the name Beat the Dealer. Edward Thorp entered the history of blackjack as a person who not only won heaps of money, but taught other people how to do that.

System of card counting in blackjack

Thorp’s tradition was followed by a group of talented students calling themselves MIT. They also used the system of card counting in blackjack. The young people studied at universities and played at casinos on weekends. In two years, the talented boys won more than $5 mln. Only after the casino owners revealed the system the swindlers used, did their gambling career end. Hollywood did not let that accident go unnoticed, and soon a movie about the talented students was made.

High-tech swindle in blackjack

Another member of so-called “Hall of Blackjack Fame” was a high-tech swindler. For thirty years, Kit Tuft developed his method. Together with his son, he developed a computer system that used video camera and satellite connection. The camera was built into a belt on an assistant who stood behind the dealer and recorded his cards. The computer read the signal from the camera and transferred the information to the player. By using that system, Kit Tuft managed to earn lots of money and issued a device called “David” that was sold as an electronic assistant. But casinos can protects their rights, and Taft was sent to prison for 10 years.

Hand agility

Roulette was another game that attracted swindlers’ attention. Richard Marcus used the favorite method of all magicians: distracting attention of spectators in a most skillful way. The only difference was that Marcus distracted dealers instead of spectators. He improved an old trick consisting in adding chips to the winning sector. Marcus placed a high chip with a low one, and if the bet lost, he took an expensive chip and left a cheap one. If the bet won, he did not touch anything. When the swindler was caught, he was obliged to pay $5 mln: the casino thought that was the amount he had stolen from them.

The world of swindlers would be incomplete without charming ladies. Aida Summers was so skillful with her hands that she could change cards right under a dealer’s nose. She could throw in the card she brought or slip a card out of a shoe. Sometimes, she even managed to throw in a whole pack of cards! The innocent beauty did not evoke any suspicions, because her unconventional looks distracted all attention from her skillful hands.

Watchfulness did not kill nobody

A watchful Spaniard Gonzales Garcia Pellayo just sat there and watched the roulette spinning. He knew that even the most perfectly calibrated and advanced devices have their flaws, and remembered the sectors into which the ball fell most often, due to the tiniest imperfections of the roulette table. Then he made bets and kept winning. After looking at their losses, the casino owners understood what tactics Gonzales used. They sued him and demanded him to pay back all his winnings. But the court didn’t consider mere watchfulness a serious crime, and Gonzales kept all his money. The hype around that case made him move to the USA. There he continued watching a roulette ball and winning. He added another $1.5 mln to his fortune.

Watchfulness did not kill nobody

Throwing dice comes in different ways

Dominic Loriggio was yet another swindler who was not brought to justice. Known under the moniker of Golden Hand, he threw dice in a most skillful way. He became the legend of Rosebud, a syndicate of dice players. He raised his art to such a high level that he beat numerous casinos for large amounts of money. He took his friend Frank Scoblett as his partner and avoided all accusations of dishonest play. In order to preserve his experience, he launched special courses for players who wanted to master hand agility.

Faking coins

Swindlers using high-tech methods are particularly interesting. Louis Kolavekkio, known under the name of “Coin”, made fake coins out of nickel, zinc, and copper alloys. By using his coins at casinos, he won more than half a million dollars. It is rumored that he asked to be set free in exchange for revealing his technology to the authorities.

Slots are hard but still possible to deceive

Glenn Carmichael was another technical genius. He dedicated his swindler talent to playing at slots. He invented a special tool called “monkey’s paw.” By using that “paw”, the swindler pressed a leverage of a one-handed bandit so that it hit jackpot. At the dawn of the era of computer slots, Glenn said he was one of slot inventors and got access to the inside structure of new slot machines. He found a weak spot in the machine. By using a lamp, he dazzled sensors located inside slots and kept winning. Detected by surveillance cameras, the swindler served a sentence in prison, and now he works as a specialist on casino slots security.