Slots Swindlers


It is common knowledge that swindlers do not work alone. Slot swindlers are no exception. Several partners are needed in order to distract attention of casino employees or receive illegal winnings.

Swindlers of the past years

Tommy Glenn Carmichael and Dennis Sean McAndrew are among the most notorious swindlers of the past years. By using smart mechanical devices, they tricked slots and made them pay out large winnings.

Many years later, by using his knowledge in programming and slots structure, Ron Harris not only tricked slots into giving him large winnings, but also succeeded in hitting generous jackpots. It should be noted that Harris worked in Nevada Gambling authority for some time, which helped him understand typical errors made by slot machines. There are cases when swindlers entered into conspiracy with casino employees in order to get access to clients’ bank cards and steal their money.

Slot swindlers. Old and new methods of slot swindle

Besides smart swindlers, casinos suffered from dishonest employees as well. There was a case when casino employees invented schemes involving bonuses for loyal and new clients, which made the casino suffer big losses.

Slot swindlers of today

The accident that shocked and excited the security services of all respectable casinos took place in 2006. Swindlers attacked slot machines by using a new and totally unconventional method. Until seized, they managed to steal about $1 mln.

The swindlers had an agreement with the casino’s employees. During some time, they affected the equipment that prints coupons that entitle players to receive their winnings. Swindlers cashed false coupons in the casino’s check-out. As the swindlers printed coupons for insignificant amounts, they stayed unpunished for a rather long time. Nevertheless, they managed to steal from the casino a whopping amount of $1,000,000. After the swindlers were caught and their method was revealed, it became quite popular among other swindlers.