Slots and Swindlers of Today


It common knowledge that casino swindlers never act alone. Slot swindlers also prefer teamwork. One or several partners are needed to distract casino employees or receive illegal winnings. Tommy Glenn Carmichael and Dennis Sean McAndrew are among the most notorious swindlers of the past. Using smart mechanical devices, they cheated on casinos and made slots give them huge amounts of money.

Slots and Swindlers of Today

Much later, using his programming skills and state-of-the-art technical devices designed especially for slots, Ron Harris not only manipulated slots into giving him high payouts, but also managed to hit jackpots. While working at Nevada Gaming Authority, Harris learned a lot about typical errors made by slots.

In some cases, swindlers came into conspiracy with casino employees in order to get access to clients’ bank cards and steal money from them.

Along with swindlers from outside, casinos may suffer from its dishonest employees. There was a case when casino employees cheated with bonuses for both loyal and new clients, which resulted in huge losses for the casino.

How Swindlers Act Today

In 2006, the gambling world saw an event that put security services of all large casinos on their toes. By using a new and non-standard method, criminals attacked slots. Till they were caught, they managed to steal about $1,000,000 in illegal winnings.

The fraud was implemented by the employees of the unfortunate casino. During a certain period of time, they affected the equipment that printed payout cheques. Then the swindlers exchanged their fake cheques for money at the cash desk . By printing cheques for small amounts, the criminals managed to go on unpunished for a rather long time. Financial damage done to the casino was estimated at $1 mln. After the group had been caught and their method revealed, that scheme grew extremely popular among casino swindlers.