Roulette Software


On the Internet, you can find a lot of programs (magicspins, EasyRoulette, Froulette) that are supposed to increase the player’s chances to win at roulette. By simulating up to several millions spins and producing the outcome, roulette software gives the player an opportunity to test different roulette strategies. All those roulette software have their slight and significant drawbacks: they do not provide the result promised by the manufacturer.

Roulette software cannot analyze the full bet history of every online casino. Without the full history of bets, it is impossible to calculate the optimal roulette algorithm. Roulette software work with a limited number of casinos. They can’t fully eliminate the influence of time (even a few seconds can change the result of calculations). Roulette software uses the same logical schemes as common players – this is why it’s unclear what use it is.

Roulette Software

Most roulette players make their own statistical records, and roulette programs (magicspins or easyroulette) are of little help to them. On the other hand, some roulette software can play roulette round the clock. But for this practice, you may be banned from the casino and lose everything you have won. On the Internet, you can find a lot of spins databases for different roulettes. Precision of those databases is sometimes higher than the data produced by roulette software. Still, using roulette software does not give the player any significant advantages.

All roulette software are based on the information that can be easily found on the Internet absolutely for free and the general roulette principles that vary between different online casinos. Roulette software is useful only for making your own statistical records.