Protecting Your Computer While Gambling at Casino Online


When gambling online, every player must remember about safety of his/her PC and personal information stored on it.

Internet protection systems offer general measures to protect your account. There are several basic principles you should use when playing at online casinos. This article provides some tips on how to make your accounts in Internet safe.

The first thing you should do is to create an individual account used only for your online casino accounts. In case someone hacks your regular email address, your casino accounts will stay intact, as will your money. Creating an extra email address decreases the possibility of it being detected, because fewer people will know about it than about your main email address.

How to protect your computer when playing at online casinos

The password to your email used for online casino accounts should be different from the password you use anywhere else. We wouldn’t recommend to use in your password the words and dates, which are related to your personal life and can be identified even by your casual acquaintances. A long password consisting of both numbers and letters is harder to hack. Using random letters instead of words will also make hackers sweat. Moreover, you should create a new login and password for each new casino account, or play without registration at all. By using different passwords, you significantly cut the chances of your accounts being hacked.

And finally, make a habit of scanning your PC for viruses and malware every week and change passwords, at least to your main accounts. If you’re planning to make a long pause in online gambling, you should park your account at online casino. Every time you try to enter a parked account, you get a notification to your email address. If someone tries to get access to your account, you will be able to change your registration information or, in case of emergency, to delete your account from the casino system.