Players Who Beat Casino Edge


It is not surprising to anyone that casino always beats the player. But these people managed to turn the winning edge in their favor and invent smart and mean methods to break the bank. We are sure that they must have succeeded to cheat even in online casinos.

Ron Harris and Raid Errol MacNill

Having extremely low winning chances, Mr. MacNill succeeded in winning a huge jackpot of $100,000 . The security service of Bally's Park Palace Casino Resort (Atlantic City) noticed that upon winning he was very reserved and unemotional. Moreover, he did not provide any identification document and asked the administration to give out his winnings in cash. Fortunately, each jackpot winning over $35,000 is subject to a compulsory inspection, which is why the authorities visited MacNill’s hotel room. There they discovered Harris, a computer technician from the Nevada Gaming Authority. Harris’s intention was to invest a method to beat Bally’s random number generator.

Dominic Loriggio, aka Dominator

What about old but good craps? Loriggio must have been obsessed with that game: he spent years training to throw dice to get winning numbers. In craps, throwing dice is called shooting. To succeed in craps, you need to shoot very precisely. Unlike in online casinos, in land-based casinos you need to develop this physical ability.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

That guy even made his five children to note down roulette results. The Spaniard began to keep account of roulette results, assuming that on some roulette wheels, a ball hit numbers according to a certain pattern. Prior to making a real-money bet on a certain roulette table, Gonzalo noted down thousands of results. Then by using a computer, he calculated the next winning number. This is how he succeeded in roulette.

Players Who Beat Casino Edge

Kit Taft

That person was a true IT-genius. During 30 years of work, he even engaged his kid in developing electronic gadgets that could beat casino edge. Taft could have invented some smart device for online poker. He was absolutely sure that he would succeed in beating the house in blackjack. After several futile attempts of card counting, he made a huge computer to help him with his work.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael

“Give me a slot, and I will beat it”, - Carmichael used to say. He used a simple device to get large amounts out of slots. Tommy inserted a piece of metal into a slot’s slit to make the slot to give him coins. But the swindler was detected and set to prison. Please, do not repeat that trick, otherwise you are risking to go down the same road as Tommy.