Online Casino Slots: History and Modern Days


Slots must be the most popular gambling games at land-based and online casinos. Slots bring in about 60% of total profits. Nevertheless, this was not always so. Casinos introduced slots to players as a pleasant form of entertainment and distraction from traditional gambling games.

History of slots

The first slot machines were invented in the end of 1880s. In 1887, Charles Fey from San-Francisco built the first 3-reel slot. The reel had five pictures. The machine conquered the market with great success, and Fey did everything in his power to meet the growing demand for the new gambling “toys”.

Online Casino Slots: History and Modern Days

Slots: Secrets of Popularity

Why are players all over the world attracted to slots? First of all, simple rules. Secondly, short duration of each game is another big advantage. And finally, the most important thing is that players do not need special knowledge or experience to play at slots. All you need to do is to make a small bet. While first slots had mechanical construction, modern slots run on computer chips. While the insides of slots underwent a drastic change, the basic rules stayed the same. Technological progress spurred the growing popularity of slots. Over the years, the main goal of slot players stayed the same: win money from the machine.

Video Poker

Video poker - a variation of slots – is extremely popular nowadays. It is based on traditional poker. The goal is to hit a card combination on the screen which would coincide with a winning card combination. To start a video poker game, throw a few coins into a slot and press the “Deal” button. Player can either keep the card dealt to him or take new cards from the deck. The program estimates the value of Player’s hand and pays out winnings in accordance with a table of payouts.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots are another variation of slot machines. Progressive slots are linked into a single network. A part of every bet is transferred to the general money pool. Progressive slots offer generous jackpots, but their payouts are a little bit smaller than in ordinary slots.

Having a long and rich history, slots continue to develop and expand. Just as many years ago, they are still a source of great pleasure and entertainment for millions of people.