What Makes Me Mad at Online Casinos


This article contains several drawbacks of today’s online casinos in the eyes of players. The aspects are listed randomly.

Loud but ungrounded promises

On their websites, casinos promise high payout rates, complete transparency and integrity, safety of users’ data, and other enticing things. Nevertheless, not a single promise is grounded by viable facts.

Non-informative user agreement

If the user agreement is short enough to ba placed on your screen, you should get suspicious. If the casino administration doesn’t want to provide a detailed description of every possible situation, this means that in controversial situations it will defend its position by all means and you won’t be able to prove anything.

Unreadable text of the user agreement

Illegible type on bright background, lack of logical sections and structure, too complicated information in the text – these signs prove that the casino’s administration takes little care of the clients or deliberately makes it difficult for players to read and understand the rules.

What Makes Me Mad at Online Casinos

Website design in screaming colors

On their main page, some casinos want to show the best they have. When you open a website of this kind, you immediately get dizzy from spinning counters of progressive jackpots, bonus offers and invitations to take part in tournaments. Numerous flash-banners are especially irritating. Despite being stylish and beautiful, they may slow down the page download and annoy the casino’s loyal clients.

No chance to test games for free

Fortunately, nowadays you can hardly come across this practice anymore. However, today at some casinos you cannot play free games without registration. The casino’s administration wants players to open accounts to become their loyal clients.

Biased attitude towards users from some countries

Trying to fight bonus hunters and lovers of easy money, most casinos don’t grant bonuses to players from some countries. However, this practice affects honest players from those countries. This is lack of respect to clients and even violation of consumers’ rights.

Only downloadable casino version

Even today you can find decent and respectable casinos that leave their clients no alternative: to play at them, you must download to your PC and install a special client. Nowadays, due to growing speed of the Internet and its plummeting cost, flash casinos are becoming increasingly popular and convenient.

Too simple registration

On one hand, fast and simple registration procedure is extremely convenient. On the other hand, this means that the casino’s administration takes little care of your personal data safety. The less information you’re required to enter, the harder it will be to prove that this account belongs to you.

Lack of convenient payment methods

A truly respectable online casino must provide its clients with convenient methods of crediting and withdrawing money to and from their account. Unfortunately, many casinos offer no more than a couple of payment methods.

Low quality of user support

Lazy, slow, rude, unfriendly, or incompetent employees of user support are, perhaps, the most horrible thing that you may across at the online casino.


All the above-mentioned drawbacks are in no way have accidental nature. But players consider the situation from the customers’s point of view, and customers are always right. Let’s hope that casinos take this information into account.