Japanese Swindlers at Online Casinos


A couple of months ago, employees of the Japanese bureau of organized crime were put on their toes. State authorities approached the problem of illegal online gambling very seriously. The state was losing too much money to ignore the issue.

To solve the burning problem, a special group of professionals in exposing illegal online casinos was created. The main problem that makes it difficult to catch criminals is that online gambling business in Japan is protected by high officials. So before solving the problem of the illegal business, the special group had to detect criminals in higher ranks.

According to the head of the group, legal casino operators are increasingly eager to cooperate with the investigation. The grey market of online gambling steals money not only from the state, but also from casinos operating under a state license. Collaboration with legal casinos helps the police to detect and arrest criminals.

Japanese swindlers at online casinos

In addition to tax evasion, online casinos also deceived their clients. Many claims were submitted by people who had not been able to withdraw their winnings. Unfortunately, the law enforcement authorities can do nothing in such situations. Owners of illegal casinos are skillful conspirators who use all possible methods to throw the police off the scent.

Another type of online casino swindle involves using players’ passwords and usernames to access their electronic accounts. The scheme is pretty simple: swindlers apply special software to identify a player’s password and login on a casino website. After accessing an account, swindlers transfer the money to their bank accounts. Despite numerous warnings from the police about possible dangers and risks, players continue to gamble on illegal online casino websites.

According to the article published online, the police are determined to fight illegal online casinos till final victory.