Inventions That Changed Gambling and Casinos


Gambling games have always had lots of fans. There were some periods in gambling history that drastically increased the number of gambling fans. As a rule, such waves of interest for gambling are explained by inventions in the world of gambling. This article will examine the most vivid and important events that drastically changed the world of gambling.

Casino slots

The world of gambling has hardly seen a greater innovation than casino slots. Invented in New York in 1891, the first poker slot featured poker combinations. But it was not the first slot that made gambling games extremely popular. It was the slot called “Liberty Bell” invented in the USA by Charles Fey and introduced to wide public in 1895. That was a mechanical slot machine started by a leverage. The maximum winning was 50 cent. To play one game, a player had to pay 5 cent.

The first slots easily found their first lovers that were ready to have fun and waste money all night long. Although first slots were quite primitive and lacked attractive design, colorful pictures, and visual effects, they were loved by players and gained mind-blowing popularity.

As time passed by, slots were becoming more popular than most gambling games. That happened after an electromechanical slot machine Money Honey was invented. The new slot featured sounds and bright lighting. It had no leverages. To start playing, a player had to throw a coin and press a button. That innovation made playing at slots easier and more exciting, which attracted new slot lovers.

Casino Jackpots

Jackpot system was another ground-breaking innovation in the gambling world. Now, with a chance to hit a jackpot and become the owner of real fortune, the number of gambling lovers increased multiple times. While earlier a player could win only a simple jackpot (i.e. a fixed amount), progressive jackpots gave players a chance to get really huge winnings.

Inventions That Changed Gambling and Casinos

Nowadays, there are several systems of jackpots, with cumulative and progressive jackpots being the most popular ones.

Cumulative jackpots

Cumulative jackpot consists of small parts of every bet made on a certain slot. The more bets players make,the faster cumulative jackpot grows. Usually, 1-2% of every bet is transfered into a jackpot pool. Cumulative jackpot can be found only in slot machines, poker, and lotteries.

Progressive jackpot

Progressive jackpot is a jackpot that combines several casinos into a single network. Progressive jackpot is usually huge. It is loved by those who plays for real money. A progressive jackpot pool is sometimes formed by players from different countries. Both progressive and cumulative jackpots are available for players at land-based as well as online casinos.

First online casinos

With appearance of Internet and first online casinos, the gambling world made not just a step forward, but a really huge leap. The Internet gave millions of people an opportunity to play gambling games any place anytime. Another advantage of online casinos is that you can play absolutely for free. Any online casino offers free demo versions of popular gambling games that allow players to learn rules and train their skills without spending a penny. Gambling games became more available and player-friendly.

According many gambling experts, online casinos made the largest contribution into development of gambling. History of gambling games does not know a more dramatic event than invention of online casinos. Although first online casinos appeared in the early 90s of the last century, they managed to increase the number of gambling lovers at least twice.