How to Say Honest Online Casinos from Swindlers?


Every day, many people wonder how to increase their income without the need to work more or harder. To achieve that goal, people turn to online casinos that promise their clients big profits and a new and easy life. But before trusting your money to a casino, you need to find out whether it is reliable and meets high standards promoted by it. In this article, we will consider the criteria you need to focus on when choosing an online casino. You are also welcome to use our Rating of Best Online Casinos. Our rating includes honest and transparent online casinos that have earned impeccably good reputation.

Online casino reviews: Your best advisors

It is believed that nobody can characterize online casinos better than online casino players. This is why in order to get an idea of a certain online casino, you need to visit specialized forums where users leave their comments and opinions about casinos and other gambling establishments.

Honest online casinos and how to differentiate them from swindlers

Casino software is extremely important

Online casino’s integrity is mostly determined by the software it is running on. Nowadays, there are not many manufacturers of casino software. This industry is dominated by such companies as, Playtech, Cryptologic, and Microgaming. A casino description usually contains the name of its software manufacturer. If your casino runs on the software produced by one of the above-mentioned companies, you can start playing at that casino without any second thought and be sure that your money will be safe.

Integrity control: Monitoring companies

Honest casinos are controlled by independent monitoring companies. These companies known as auditors monitor how online casinos operate. The results of all games are controlled through an auditor’s server. At the end of a reporting period, the data from a casino’s server are compared with the data from an auditor’s server. If the results are the same, the casino works honestly. The auditor publishes the results of its audit checks on its website. Today, Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PWC) is the leading casino monitoring company. The results of independent audit checks are valuable information that makes players trust an online casino and fully rely on it.