Are Free Demo Games at Online Casinos Safe?


Another dramatic difference between online casinos and land-based casinos is a free games option. Online casinos invite their clients to test their skills in free demo games. If the player is not lucky, he or she won’t lose anything; at the same time, if the player wins, he or she won’t earn any money, except for positive emotions.

Free Game Mode: Advantages

Free game mode has its supporters as well as adversaries. This mode is welcomed by those who come to online casinos to enjoy positive emotions and do not put much weight on winning. Moreover, free game mode is approved by professional players who are happy to play free games to test their new strategies. For beginning players, demo games mean a great chance to get a deeper understanding of the rules. Free games can become an effective stimulus to perfect your skills: it encourages intellectual activity and teaches you to think over your next steps (for example, when playing free poker with live players).

Free Game Mode: Advantages

Free Casino Games: Pitfalls

According to adversaries of free game mode, online casinos use demo games in order to squeeze money out of their clients. They think that the simulator in most demo games is set so that the player keeps winning. This makes the player erroneously believe that his or her lucky streak will continue in real-money gambling.

While players really acquire experience and playing skills, accusations of falsified results have absolutely no ground. Both demo and real-money modes use the same simulator. The results generated by this simulator are strictly controlled by specialized bodies, which makes them impossible to falsify.

Free games mode is beneficial for both players and online casinos. This is an effective advertising method and a way to attract new players. It should be emphasized that the possibility of swindle from the part of online casinos is ruled out, because every player decides for himself which game he will play.