How Poker Helped Nixon to Become President and Other Interesting Facts about Casinos


Regardless of your player status – a professional or just a gambling lover, you must be curious about some exciting facts about gambling games and casino in general. Some of them are described in this article.

Land-based casino interiors

Most people think that almost every brick-and-mortar casino has splendid decorations aimed at impressing casino visitors. But in reality, almost every casino has rather unattractive flooring and colorful interiors, which is not as impressive and beautiful as it may seem. Your first thought is that casino decided to save money by making simple interior decorations and covering the floor with cheap carpets. But the real idea behind that trick is to motivate visitors to start gambling with low bets. Most casinos have simple ceilings for the same reason.

Interesting facts about casino gambling games

Monaco without airport

During the last years, Monaco with its Monte Carlo casinos has become Europe’s gambling capital. It even could compete with Macao for the title of the gambling capital of the world, but due to its tiny territory, Monaco does not have an airport. You can get there only by train, helicopter, or car. Another curious fact about Monaco is that its citizens do not pay taxes and are forbidden to visit casinos by law (including the royal family members).

USA President Richard Nixon and poker

Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States of America, owns his impressive political career to successful poker playing. When serving in the Navy during World War II, he won in poker about $6,000 from his shipmates, which today amounts to about $ 75,000. In 1946, he used that money to finance his electoral campaign (a successful one, as it turned out) to become a congressman of the Indian National Congress.

Great scientist Aristotle and dice

Most of us know Aristotle as a scientist who lived in Greece in the 4th century BC and the author of famous concepts that are applied in modern physics, logics, and philosophy. But few people know that one of Aristotle’s works included detailed instructions on how to cheat in the game of dice.

Dice where made from animal bones

Another interesting fact about dice is that they used to be made from animal bones. In the ancient times, players bet on which side up an animal bone will fall. This is how the primitive version of the modern dice looked like. Dice in a form of cube, with various marks on their sides, and the game itself were first invented in the ancient Greece. Moreover, the Greeks were the first to start using other materials to make dice.

Invention of roulette

In the 18th century, the range of gambling games was expanded with roulette – the game that gained sweeping popularity and love all over the world. Few people know, though, that the game of roulette was invented by the French mathematician and engineer Blez Paskal who lived in the 17th century. In fact, his true goal was to create not a gambling game, but a perpetual motion machine, aka perpetuum mobile.