Examples of Casino Swindle


Richard Marcus is one of the world’s most famous casino swindlers. Nowadays, Marcus left his criminal past behind. Today, he is holding seminars, writing books for casino employees and players on how to detect swindlers – one of which he used to be. Marcus started out as a common casino player, but pretty soon he realized that he will hardly win anything by playing honestly. So he trained to be a dealer, and met the person that became his mentor. The mentor told Marcus that the only way to beat the casino is to swindle.

Richard Marcus

Biography of Marcus’s casino swindle: American roulette

Richard Marcus’s book “American Roulette” thoroughly describes his way from a poor player to the successful and sly swindler. The book tells the readers about several methods of gaining the edge over the casino, including adding chips to winner bets. Those methods were used by Marcus in American roulette (as the book’s title suggests).

Casino swindle. Other books about casino swindle

Marcus’s book “The World’s Greatest Gambling Scams” tells about the main swindle methods at casinos, including marking cards, adding extra chips, conspiracy with the dealer and using computer to pre-determine the results. In his another book “Dirty Poker”, the famous swindler considers the major reasons of poker boom and tells how professional gamblers work in a team and use different signals and chip dumping.

Richard Marcus today

Richard Marcus’s swindler career was brought to an end, when online casinos entered the gambling world. Not long ago, Marcus was invited to the television show. Moreover, he launched his personal website, where you can buy his books, book Marcus to hold a seminar, read about the latest swindle methods and how to protects against them. That information is useful for any person who had even the slightest connection to the gambling world – casino employees, as well as players at land-based and online casinos.