Casino Bonuses: Pitfalls


Whether you are a professional player or are making your first steps in the online gambling world, you must have heard about different casino bonus systems. This is additional money credited to a player’s account. As a rule, online casinos encourage their clients for their activity and loyalty, i.e. the more you play, the bigger bonuses you get. By using that kind of encouragement, online casinos attract new players and motivate its clients spend more money on games.

Most bonuses are not fixed amounts. Active players usually receive larger bonuses. Every casino has several dozens (hundreds) of most valuable clients: they play frequently and leave heaps of money at a casino. They are encouraged with the most generous bonuses. Of course, that generosity does not increase their winning chances, of course. Extra money motivate gamblers to keep playing.

Online casino bonuses: How it works

Casino bonuses are not free. Why would casinos give away their money without getting anything in exchange? Today, bonus systems at online casinos work like that:

  • Player credits his or her casino account.

  • Casino adds gift money to your account.

  • Depending on casino terms, a bonus can equal to your deposit or even exceed it.

  • Player starts gambling, using his or her deposit and bonus money.

  • To withdraw winnings, you need to spend a certain amount of money on bets or make a certain number of bets .

Manage your bonuses wisely

Nowadays, bonuses are no longer as profitable as they used to be a couple of years ago. In the modern world of online gambling, 100х wager is no longer surprising, although it used to be 10х tops. Why did casinos introduce tougher wagering requirements? The reason is greedy players who register at online casinos only to get bonuses. They have no interest in gambling per se. As soon as they meet wagering requirements, they withdraw their bonus money.

Casino Bonuses: Pitfalls

It’s obvious that online casinos try to protect themselves: damage done by such dishonest players may result in casinos going bust. Casinos rise wagers, cut bonus programs, exclude many games from wagering requirements, and introduce bonuses that cannot be cashed. Some online casinos even stopped to grant bonuses to players from certain countries, like Denmark (motherland of online bonus hunters), Israel, China, and Ukraine.

But the most greedy and smart bonus hunters are constantly improving their methods and strategies. This ever-lasting confrontation will be over only when all online casinos close or cancel their bonus programs. Some highly professional bonus hunters play from several accounts, which secures them impressive income.

We hope that this article will give you an understanding of bonus systems at online casinos, help you avoid confusion, and show that you can receive pretty good amounts of money from online casinos. The next step is yours to make: choose an online casino and start playing. We hope that you will succeed!